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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 19, 2013)
By the gods! what has happened to this guild in my absence!
(Oct 13, 2012)
(Sep 29, 2012)
Happy MoPing, everyone.
(Aug 30, 2012)
:3 BOO!
(May 07, 2012)
We have a basement?
(May 01, 2012)
CHECK OUT THE BASEMENT! Get cracking folks - find some photos to make us smile. Zheni, put the lump of meat down long enough to take a photo! Dooo eeet pplz!
(May 01, 2012)
(Mar 24, 2012)
Welcome to the new guild ranks. Have a ball!
(Mar 23, 2012)
Imperator meeting 8:30pm server time 23/03/2012
(Mar 10, 2012)
Hehehehehehe. I found my stash again.
(Feb 28, 2012)
We need you macro's to make dps, hps and taunting fun :)
(Feb 27, 2012)
Deathwing is one tough bugger - but in the end WE PREVAILED!
(Feb 10, 2012)
I suggest, not U.
(Feb 10, 2012)
U suggest that you demote all my characters - I've recently discovered I've been hacked repeatedly, and we're not quite sure just how they are doing it.
(Feb 05, 2012)
6/8 In Dragon Soul - I can feel the momentum building. We are Praetorian. He can not survive.
(Jan 30, 2012)
Hmm... umm... I don't know. We should go to war with another guild. Just make them our mortal enemies. That'd be nice and interesting.
(Jan 26, 2012)
ikr? but watcha ganna do. we need to put moar crap on this site XD
(Jan 26, 2012)
Not much shouting on here for a shoutbox.
(Nov 13, 2011)
*giggles excitedly, im going to try out the PTR XD
(Nov 13, 2011)
Does anyone actually read this?
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