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March: Guild Summary

Fleety / Apr 03, 2012
A lot of new events occurred within the last month. About mid way the guild a bit of conflict which was very well resolved by the guild master himself. But let's put that behind and focus on all the good stuff which happened in the last month!

Our raiding teams progressed further, with T1 hitting heroics and killing Morchock, T2 downing normal spine and will make their way onto Deathwing, and T3 knocking down one of the harder of the first seven fights, Warmaster Blackhorn. All in all it's great to see so many people experiencing current content in the guild - and a BIG thanks to Valliona for his persistence in creating those raiding teams.

The guild had just recently ticked over about 850 members, meaning that 900 will soon be on the horizon. I believe that we should stop guild recruitment for the time being, but still feel free to invite your mates/buddies and anyone who wants to join up.

We're also beginning to see a lot more of organised PvP within the guild, with Ahcuncan (or something similar, aka Zheni), setting up rated BG's every sundae night for a bit of fun. There is also talk that this night will be moved to Thursday, but stay tuned for more info.

I would also like to thank everyone for their contributions for guild mats, helping other new players and involvement in the guild, your efforts to not go unnoticed!

Have fun, Fleety.


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