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The Basement

Guild Advertisement

Guildmates cold and distant? Having to rely on pugs for you raiding needs? Then look no further! The Praetorian Guard has everything you could possibly need! A witty plethora of characters, regular raids of both old content and new, and a Vent fil...
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The Basement

Funny WoW Images

Here's a few funny wow pics!(Click the image to enlarge resolution!)Will 'Feral'MoP BetaMy First Ret PallyPriest buffs?
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The Basement

Official collaboration of Zheni memes

Here's the link for the template to make your own! fun >:)
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The Basement

Just another day in the kitchen

Cupcakes for Lily's Birthday
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The Basement

Well, lets see y'all then!

I've decided I wanna know who I am drinking with, laughing with/at, talking to and generally whiling away countless hours with.So to that effect, I'll get the ball rolling:ME! My name's Graeme btw - aka Gaslit / Liquify / Oneshoe / Gaslamp (and mo...
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The Basement

Pwning Bg's PG style

PG's Ultimate Strategy to Pwning BG's, why not just stand on the FlagDarkChubb, Rahel, Tonik and OphilliĆ 
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The Basement

Thought i would start the basement chat ....
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