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#7089999 Dec 10, 2012 at 12:01 PM
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Guildmates cold and distant? Having to rely on pugs for you raiding needs? Then look no further! The Praetorian Guard has everything you could possibly need! A witty plethora of characters, regular raids of both old content and new, and a Vent filled with Australian accents!

From our attractive guild crest to our never-empty roster of chatty folk, the Praetorian Guard offers all the rewards of a level wt guild, as well as more bank tabs than we can count!

Busy on the weekends? Worry not, for the Praetorian Guard Raiding Groups Whose Names I Can't Remember meet up for some good ole fashioned bloodspilling at atrocious *it's an Australian server* perfect times! Not a fan of serious runs? No problem! The Praetorian Guard offers fun, exciting raids, such as Dress-Up Naxx and Naked Black Temple. Worried you won't fit it? Not a problem! The Praetorian Guard is perfect for all kinds, be they stoic veterans, yippy kids, or average joksters! *Brats and trolls at large risk of being kicked out, use chat respnsonsibly.*

So come on and sign up to the Praetorian Guard! We have everything you could possibly desire. And remember - we're named after Roman soldiers! *Praetorian Guard does not take responsibility for your own stupidity, and imappropriate boss-pulling is your own fault, we do not accept priests, rogues, hunter pets, mages, or warlocks as tanks. Please use classes intelligently.
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