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Welcome to Praetorian Guard

A social guild catering for the raiders who love to grind top level bosses, and those who would just want to kick back and cruise some dungeons. Nevertheless, we will fill your desires! (Including sexual, whisper Zhenzheni for more info). We're an Alliance based guild on the Oceanic server Caelestrasz (US), and are currently sitting on level 25

If you have any further questions about anything, or even seeking an invite to the guild, please speak to Saxus (Guild Master), Fleety (Website Admin), any of our friendly Imperators and Officers, or any other guild member who's willing to help you for more information.

Information on our raiding groups can be found -here-

Have Fun, and slay some Horde.
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Fleety / Oct 02, 2012
Hey all, sure you're having as much fun in pandaland as I am.

Start off by mentioning the guild first Lv 90 which was Outlive! Shortly followed by Ophillia and then myself. The guard took down the world boss the Sha of Anger twice already this week, providing a few loot drops for some lucky guildies (and stongey, lol). Some raiding teams are gearing up and getting ready for the next few weeks which I'm sure will be an absolute wipefest for the beginning for both.

Have fun,